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A used plastic pallet is a plastic pallet that has been used in transportation or storage applications but is still suitable for future use. Plastic pallets are reusable for a long time, depending on their application’s demand. Pallets are an indispensable commodity for any company that stores or transports products on an industrial scale. Read More…

Used Plastic Pallets Used plastic pallets are plastic pallets that have been used in storage or transportation applications and are still suitable for future use. Most plastic pallets survive their first several uses after manufacturing. In fact, many plastic pallets are reusable for years depending on how demanding their application is and how well they are handled.

TMF Corporation manufactures and supplies the Protech 4048 heavy duty plastic pallet. With inventory on hand, we have the ability quickly deliver and pallets we have in stock, including the FM approved Protech 4048 with color options, four-way entry and more.

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At Peninsula Plastics, you can find high-performance, vacuum-formed reusable plastic pallets for maximum strength and durability. Our economical twin-sheet & single-sheet pallets feature nestable and stackable models, large load capacity, many sizes, guaranteed acceptance at all ports, use in demanding applications, and with automated systems.

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At Craemer US Corporation, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for plastic pallets tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence in the plastics industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in plastic pallet manufacturing, renowned for our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction....

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Robinson Industries reduces operational costs and worker injuries through providing superior-quality plastic pallets. We sell pallets in a variety of sizes and styles. Robinson Industries is ready and able to meet diverse industry needs.

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Fibertech Plastic pallets are an excellent alternative to wood pallets, offering cost-efficient solutions for strong, durable & washable pallets. Our unique angled leg design helps reduce forklift damage by enabling the fork tines to deflect off the leg rather than breaking or cutting the pallet. An optional lip prevents product slippage & facilitates transportation of stacked, empty pallets.

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The state of how well they are handled also affects whether they are reusable. Plastic pallets are rigid structures that provide mechanical stability to a bulk quantity of goods during handling to preserve their quality. Handling activities include lifting, stacking, product storage, and long-distance transportation by sea or land. To properly facilitate the included activities, plastic pallets are designed to be moveable using equipment such as pallet jacks, front loaders, and forklifts. Pallets can be made from different materials, but plastic is generally used because it is cost-effective, hygienic, and lightweight.

used plastic pallet

Plastic Pallets Manufacturing Processes

Plastic pallets can be manufactured through processes such as injection molding, structural foam molding, rotational molding, or thermoforming. For example, the injection molding process injects a high-pressure transfer of molten plastic material into the mold, where it solidifies and cools down. Thermoforming is also a process that works by heating plastic sheets to their forming temperature. This is then followed by stretching or pressing them over a mold for the heated plastic to be able to take its shape. Structural foam molding is a type of low-pressure injection molding which involves feeding an inert gas into the molten plastic. This is done to decrease the density and weight of the plastic pallet.

Types of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are grouped according to the mode of support on the pallet's top deck. The number of entry points can also be used to classify plastic pallets. These types include stringer plastic pallets, block plastic pallets, two-way plastic pallets, and four-way plastic pallets.

Stringer Plastic Pallet

The stringer plastic pallet has the top deck being supported by longitudinal, parallel slabs called stringers. The stringers are positioned in opposite edges and across the center of the pallet.

stringer plastic pallets

Block Plastic Pallet

This type of plastic pallet has the top deck supported by columnar posts, which are referred to as blocks. The blocks are positioned in the corners, the center of each edge, and the center.

Block Plastic Pallets

Two Way Plastic Pallet

The two-way plastic pallet only allows entry on two sides of the pallet, opposite each other. The entry points are limited, so the handling equipment must maneuver at a specific angle to access the pallet. For the pallets to be accessed by the handling equipment, they must be stored at a specific orientation resulting in the exposure of the entry points. All stringer pallets that are not modified are two-way pallets. Two-way pallets can be converted into four-way pallets. This conversion includes the creation of notches. The creation of notches can be done easily in wooden stringer pallets but is not feasible in plastic pallets. The implemented conversion results in reduced strength and load capacity of two-way pallets. The deck designs and the configuration can be used to distinguish between plastic pallets.

two way plastic pallets

Four Way Plastic Pallet

This type of pallet allows entry on each side of the pallet. The four-way plastic pallet provides more handling efficiency, i.e., less loading and unloading time. This is so especially when the floor space is small because all sides are accessible by the handling equipment. Most block pallets are four-way pallets.

four way plastic pallets

Applications and Uses of Used Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are used for exporting and importing goods to desired destinations. This is made easier with forklifts and jerks. In displaying goods, plastic pallets are used for merchandising as they reduce the risk of damaging a product when it is moved from one point to another. In the beverage and foodstuff industry, plastic pallets are used because they are lightweight, compact, durable, and not susceptible to failure during use.

Choosing the Correct Used Plastic Pallet Supplier

To ensure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing used plastic pallets from a used plastic pallet supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of used plastic pallet suppliers. Each used plastic pallet supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each used plastic pallet business website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple used plastic pallet companies with the same form.

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Plastic Pallets Power Pages

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are rigid structures that provide mechanical stability to a bulk quantity of goods during handling to preserve their quality. Handling includes all activities related to lifting, moving from one point to another, stacking, product storage, and long-distance transportation by land or sea...

Shipping Pallets

Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets are packaging materials which provide support on the pallet during transportation (i.e., marine shipment, land transportation). They are rigid, flat panels that provide stability to the goods during lifting (using a forklift or pallet jack), stacking, and transportation...

Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stackers

A pallet stacker is a machine designed to assist the user in lifting, moving and handling palletized materials with ease. A pallet itself is a flat and horizontal structure used to support goods in a sturdy fashion. Manual pallet stackers make use...



A palletizer is an automated material handling machine used to stack and orient several individual products into a single load for a more convenient and economical method of handling, storage, and shipment. Palletizers are usually part of a bigger packaging process...

Automation Systems

Automation Systems

An automation system is an integration of sensors, controls, and actuators designed to perform a function with minimal or no human intervention. The field concerned in this subject is called Mechatronics which is an...

Robotic Palletizers

Robotic Palletizer

A robotic palletizer is a type of palletizer that employs a robotic arm to pick, orient, and place individual products and arrange them into a single stack of load. They are the next generation of palletizers, and they will supersede conventional palletizers...

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