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In general, there are four main types of plastic pallets that have their own unique uses and benefits. Certain pallets are better suited to different processes than others. The four main kinds of plastic pallets for sale include nestable pallets, rackable pallets, display pallets, and stackable pallets. Depending on your applications, certain kinds of pallets are better for certain activities.

Nestable pallets can stack on top of each other and fit tightly together. This is ideal for situations where space saving is an issue. The best use for nestable pallets is for warehouses and distribution centers and for transportation from factories to warehouses or retail centers.

Display pallets are meant to be used both as transportation and for display at a retail center. Display pallets can also be used in warehouses to prepare the pallet for future displays.

Stackable pallets are similar to nestable pallets, but they do not nest inside one another. These pallets take up a little more space, but can also provide a sturdier surface. Use stackable pallets in processing facilities for easy maneuvering.

Rackable pallets are easy for forklifts to pick up and can be placed on protruding shelves or racks. Rackable pallets are ideal for use in warehouses and processing centers.

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